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Arnica montana dried whole flowers - 8 oz

Arnica montana dried whole flowers - 8 oz


Dried Arnica montana Flowers wildcrafted in the pristine mountains of Romania (EU) that are freshly dried in the summer season. Our Arnica is responsibly wildcrafted at peak time for potency and freshness by skilled harvesters to ensure this precious herb’s future and sustainability.


    High quality Arnica montana dried flowers are hard to find due to high demand and decreasing production. The responsible wildcrafting of these flowers is a must to maintain it for the future. Some herbalists use the Arnica roots as well, but in the effort to preserve arnica for the future, you should use only the flower’s heads for herbal preparation. Our wildcrafted arnica is a powerful healer for herbalists around the world and a highly regarded plant for its medicinal proprieties by the modern pharmaceutical industry. The bioavailability of the chemical compounds in Arnica can vary greatly based on the location where the herb is growing, the altitude of the site, and the air quality/climatic conditions. The importance of quality of the raw material used for clinical preparations of arnica can not be overestimated. The chemical constituents of the herb can vary greatly and could potentially alter the final clinical product.

    It is important to maintain and sustain the natural habitat of arnica. We contribute to the conservation practices by having a responsible approach to the wildcrafting techniques. Our arnica is sustainably wildcrafted by hand from people that know when the herb is ready to be harvested at peak performance on chemical levels. These people are trained from generation to generation on how to take care of this natural treasure, and know how much to wildharvest and how long the harvesting should last. Our trained Arnica wildcrafters know this herb needs to regenerate for a new season, as it has for thousands of years. With the emphasis on the importance of the pure raw materia medica for the efficacy of the natural herbal medicine, we need to protect and enjoy this beautiful plant and the lovely places it grows in

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